Solving Deadbeat Father Problems

It is not a question that should be even debated about in regards to why it is so vital for a child to have both biological parents raise and nurture their own children.

Well, Dr.Umar Johnson points out some ways to end this wave that can and will destruct a childs upbringing causing psychological issues that can scare a child’s attitude towards the value of family.

Some of Dr. Umar’s ways of battling the struggles of deadbeat father syndrome includes, having the father provide in other ways such as spending time with a child which is more valuable than money. Even if a father does not get along with the mother does not mean a fathers rights should be taken away. There is nothing like having both biological parents involved in a child’s life because ut makes a tremendous difference.

As described by Dr. Johnson , as long as primary custodial parents can evade the law by preventing non-custodial parents access to their children, without having to burden themselves with fines, warrants or transfers of custody by the courts, the Black man’s fight to play a meaningful part in the lives of his children will continue to be an uphill battle.



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